Decommissioning batteries on a regular basis?

We can offer you up to double the scrap value and collect from your facility or onsite at NO COST.

Decommissioned industrial batteries are often of great value for our local private solar customers!

If your company is to decommission battery stacks from UPS or Telecom sites, we can buy the units double the amount you get from your usual metal recycling facility, we can look after them more adequately.

And, we pick them up on site or from your warehouse within the Melbourne metro area.

You will save time, budget …and do a favor to environment, as this operation aims to greatly reduce carbon emissions caused by inefficient battery recycling logistic process.

Did you know that most decommissioned batteries would rather be back to work for a less critical task within our country rather than to be sent to Korea to be destroyed.

It does make better sense.