Recent data collected from private off-grid solar power customers indicate significant problems with battery based (100% of the market) energy storage. A great number of customers are unhappy in the long run with this technology for a variety of reasons including:






Recent emergence of Tesla products adding new problems

Tesla LLC, LG, Samsung are now selling Lithium based batteries, no plan at end-of-life cycle. This is a true concern from an environmental perspective. No plan has been put in place in order to recycle the Lithium that dwells within this product, and nothing is being foreseen in that regard in the future, so state the company representatives…

…Lithium is in fact a rare metal, mass production will obviously hack an irreversible dent in the natural deposits of where lithium can be found, moreover, one gram of lithium compound disposed inappropriately can contaminate up to 10 cubic meters of soil.

Projected number of households using off grid solar from 2010 to 2020

Energy storage trend ramping up dramatically within private solar PV owners. This is the world of today…

SolarGas™: The ultimate energy storage solution

“Bottles of solar energy”

The idea behind SolarGas™ is to generate a clean gas with solar power and store it safely inside a tank. The chemical potential energy in the gas is then converted back into electricity on demand, thanks to a PEM fuel cell. This clean gas can also be used directly and replace natural gas for home use such as cooking or heating, or even to power your car. (BMW Hydrogen 7  Toyota Mirai)

The clean gas is produced via electrolysis of water and the only byproduct when consumed is water vapor. It is that clean. Space required for the system is only a small shed, but storage space can vary with the capacity required. The SolarGas storage requires more space than batteries, however this is the only trade off to this system against the advantages listed below:

+ Easy monitoring of stored energy: No more stress with confusing battery figures such as “State of Charge” or “Depth of Discharge”, no more guessing how much energy you have in storage as your solar power is literally stored in bottles

+ No need to replace equipment, as not like batteries, tanks indeed last a lifetime.

+ Engineered for durability, modular, serviceable, and lifetime guaranteed.

+ Wide range of applications beyond being an electrical storage, the gas is also a fuel ready to use for you in a household, a farm or to power a vehicle.

SolarGas™ is divided into two subsystems that can be purchased and installed individually:

E2G™ unit converts solar power into clean gas

G2E™ unit converts the clean gas back into electricity

A full SolarGas system is dearer than a battery bank on purchase, however it is worth considering as it empowers the user to become truly 100% carbon neutral, and that is the real way forward – besides being an indisputable trend for a growing amount of modern customers…

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