Dry Cell Prototype [UNDISCLOSED MODEL]

Our Technology

HOG (HydrOxyGas) started in 2005 working on gas savers for automotive plants, released the H-PoD in 2009, a “mod” that was allowing petrol powered and diesel vehicles to save about 20% on fuel consumption, and also was reducing the amount of undesirable gasses such as NOx and CO of up to 80%. In 2010, HOG completed the MkVII demo prototype in order to develop Hydro Oxygen for the Oxy Fuel industry (welding, brazing etc..).

From 2016, our new aim has been to develop an innovative type of energy storage for the local customer market of Photovoltaic Solar that consists of converting DC power from the solar panels into H2 (Hydrogen) thanks to our highly efficient technology of electrolyzers, and store the gas safely, ready to be used directly in its gaseous form by the customer or alternatively to be used to produce AC power via our own design of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Fuel Cell and a classic type of inverter.

SolarGas is retrofittable, low cost and its components are guaranteed to last longer than a lifetime.

To lean more about our project, if you are an investor, a potential customer or even just a fan, send us an email, and we will be more than happy to fill you in depending on your needs.